Kune Kune pig

Kune Kune (pronounced Cooney Cooney) is Maori and means round and fat which is an apt description!

These pigs are very friendly, placid and good with children. They are grass eaters and so will survive quite happily in an orchard. They do need extra feeding at certain times of their lives though, and they need a warm arc lined with straw to live in. They do enjoy a good wallow in the warmer months. Ours live in pairs or with other animals. Princess Fiona loves herding the llama and the alpaca boys round the field.

They are a small pig, being between 24-30" at the shoulder, and they weigh between 120-240 lbs. They are covered in hair, which can be straight or curly, and either a solid or spotted colour. Their most individual feature is a pair of tassels under the chin, called piri piri. These have no specific purpose, but are attractive.

We occasionally have a litter of pigs for sale. Please contact us if you are interested.