Baudet du Poitou Donkeys for Sale

Norley farm is the only UK breeder of Baudet du Poitou donkeys. Re-visit us regularly for details of our Baudet du Poitou donkeys for sale.

Poitou Donkeys for Sale - Bertie, Uthey and Scrumchy

Bertie, Uthey and Scrumchy, Baudet du Poitou donkeysScrumchy, Baudet du Poitou donkey

We have 3 young Poitou geldings for sale:
Umberto d'Apollo, dob 23/03/2008
Urumchi d'Apollo, dob 22/07/08 and
Uther d'Apollo, dob 06/06/2008
more commonly called Bertie, Scrumchy and Uthey.

They are all entered in the stud book, under the Livre B section. They should all make between 14 and 15.2hh and their parents can be seen.


Images left to right: Scrumchy, nicely groomed. Bertie, Uthey and Scrumchy - I think they had been having a hay fight!

Congratulations to:

Congratulations to Emma Green for the purchase of Appollo Willow and Appollo Noah

Congratulations to Kurt Manders for the purchase of Appollo Hope and Appollo Summer

Congratulations to Craig Rankin of the Heads of Ayr Farm Park, for the purchase of Romaine and Reglisse de Troupeau

Congratulations to Kurt Manders for the purchase of Amelie d'Apollo, Apple d'Apollo, Appollo Arnold and Percy Pinkerton.

Congratulations to Mrs Jane Brown for the purchase of Appollo Sophie, Appollo Melody, Appollo Garfield and Appollo Caspar.

Congratulations to Philip and Lisa Bell for the purchase of Knightsway Jody, Apollo Judith and Apollo Juno, the first Dexters to be sold. We wish you lots of luck in the showring.

Congratulations to Debbie Hamilton of The Hamilton Rare Breed Foundation in Vermont, for the purchase of Vespasian d'Apollo and Valentino 2, the first Poitou donkeys ever to be exported from the UK to America. We can't wait to see photos of their first foals.

Congratulations to the Dawson family for the purchase of Appollo Florence and Appollo Rupert.

Congratulations to Jim and Jeanette Parker for the purchase of Jack Bush Molly and North Gate Cinnabar.

Congratulations to Amanda Ball for the purchase of Umberto d'Appollo.

Congratulations tothe Driscoll Conley family for the purchase of Vernon d'Apollo.

Congratulations to Sarah Doukas for the purchase of Urumchie and Uther d'Apollo.

Congrats to Finkley Down Farm Park for the purchase of Appollo Spartacus and Dillon.

Julie Latham for the purchase of Uma d'Apollo and Upton d'Apollo, who will now join Sirius be Breuil, bought in 2006.

Carole Levene and Nigel Durrant for their purchase of Ulani d'Apollo, who will join Simon de la Croix and Robin du Gas and the 3 alpacas.

Sarah Marsh for the purchase of Appollo Mimi and Appollo Minstrel.

Sue Rogers for the purchase of Ass-Pirin Acres Jalna and Wendann Lottie.

Darren and Zoe Thurkle for their purchase of Appollo Smartie, Appollo Phoebe, Appollo Gretta, Appollo Tansy, Berry Ridge Rose, and Oakley.

The London Zoological Society for their purchase of Tizer d'Apollo and Tarka d'Apollo.

Vanessa Hewitt for the purchase of Tilda d'Apollo and Tomas d'Apollo.

Sarah-Jane Newton for the purchase of Shrek de Troupeau.

Rosemary Straker for the purchase of Appollo Mary and Appollo William.

Hamerton Zoo for the purchase of the last 9 alpacas.

Linda Stewart for the purchase of Quichua de Beauregard.

Frank and June Topping for the purchase of Appollo Don Quixote and Juniper.

Staunton Country Park for the purchase of Alma and Riva and the 3 alpacas.

Richard and Lesley Kidd for the purchase of Roddy and Sauzerelle.

Mr and Mrs Richards for the purchase of Appollo Norman and Caspar.