About Norley Farm

Norley Farm

Our herd consists of 27 Baudet du Poitou donkeys, 29 Miniature donkeys, 40 Dexter cattle, 10 Ryeland sheep, 7 ponies, 1 standard donkey, 1 pig, 1 Llama, 3 alpacas, 5 dogs and 3 farm cats, so we are certainly busy.

This collection started 8 years ago, and is getting bigger all the time. Luckily Annie is ably assisted by Wendy, Sally and Pete, who love the animals as much as she does.

Our aim is to produce animals with both good genotype and phenotype, which means not only a good pedigree with known ancestors, but also good appearance and conformation. Temperament is paramount, and all our animals are very friendly. We strive to constantly improve the stock we are breeding, and source our donkeys from all over the world. We have imported donkeys from Canada, the USA and France. Our Dexters didn't have such a long journey, having come from Judy Knight in Sway, Hampshire, owner of the remarkable Knightsway herd. We are hoping for great achievements with this small herd.

If you are interested in purchasing an animal, would like to arrange a Farm Walk, then please contact Annie on

01590 626224